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Our team

The staff at our headquarters in Uden consists of more than 60 people. In 2012 subsidiary companies were established in the United States of America and Germany and in 2014 in Italy and France. Schutte bagclosures is a healthy, financially stable and profitable company. As player in a niche market, we keep on playing with full ambition!

Innovation & design

As market leader in bag closures, Schutte has its own research and development department.
With our team we continuously work on the newest products. We do this in close cooperation with the best builders of packaging machines in the world. For our special products, we also build our own production machines according to the latest technology, which means that we as Schutte can work very competitively with a high-quality standard. Our R&D team consists of product designers, engineers and technicians who also have extensive knowledge of materials, we also make use of a skilled network of suppliers and knowledge institutions. This allows us to respond quickly to market requirements.
Our R&D department loves challenges, challenge us!
Latest product innovations
We develop with an eye 
on the future

Sustainable future

Schutte works together with you on a better world, we already make products from mono-materials that are easily recyclable, we also use high-quality recycling flows to keep the environmental impact of our products to a minimum. In addition to products made of recyclable plastic, we also make products of bioplastics and paper. All our bag closures are resealable so that bags can be closed after use, so food stays fresh longer to reduce food waste.

Advice & support

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Logistic excellence

Schutte bagclosures exports to more than seventy countries worldwide. We have a network of agents, distributors and wholesalers and we hold stock at several locations in the world. Wherever our customers are in the world, we guarantee fast delivery. 


Our story started in 1957 when Joannes Schutte from Amsterdam noticed the increasing use of plastic bread bags. He developed the aluminum Aluclip, which proved to be a hole in the market.

Nowadays the bakery and bread segment is still our main market segment. Like Joannes Schutte in his days, our people realize what the packaging market needs by listening carefully to our customers, followed by playing with our products. After all there is always room for improvement. That is why we are the market leader in Europe.

Our brands

To increase the brand recognition, Schutte has developed own brands such as Clipps®, Clipband® & TwistTies®. These brands are well-known, not just in Europe but around the whole world.